The Swift team are highly qualified and friendly psychologists and counsellors providing child psychology services based in Marlow and covering South Bucks. We offer a FREE telephone consultation assessment, therapeutic interventions, support and advice for a range of mental health, behavioral and emotional difficulties.

Initial Assessment, young person or families up to 90 minute session with two clinicians, optional report included


Additional reports or referral letters


Initial Assessment for adults 60 minute session with one clinician


Individual session with one clinician for young person or adult 50 minutes


Block of 6 individual sessions, pre-booked


Additional liaison with schools, GP, or other professionals £50 per hour for contact over 30 minutes

+ travel expenses

Personal therapy for trainee counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists


Supervision or professional consultation - Please ask for more details

We are happy to liaise with other relevant professionals such as schools and colleges, and to attend meetings when appropriate. We are also able to negotiate price on multiple pieces of work, for example, separate parenting sessions and individual work with a young person.  Please ask us for more details. 


Our team of Psychologists and Psychotherapists have many  years experience helping change the lives of people carrying around the stresses and burdens of everyday life.



A testimonial from a grateful parent


Dear ...........


I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for your help and support throughout our daughters lengthy  struggle with a complex eating disorder, anxiety and sleep disorder.

I really feel now, that she is on the path to “recovery”.  The changes that she has been able to make over the past year can be directly attributed to your expertise, empathy, perseverance and patience. 

You have helped us secure the support she needs to continue her education and liaised in a professional way with both health care professionals and education authorities.

I cannot thank you enough for your caring approach which has been instrumental in freeing our daughter from the confines of the eating disorder.

Many thanks ...................


Not sure we can help you. Arrange a FREE 10 minute telephone consultation please call us on 07340457744

Welcome to SWIFT

Thanks to the media more people are aware of how your mental health is just as important as your physical health - please don't struggle with life when we can help you change it.

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