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Holding Hands

Our practice and what to expect

Initial Contact 
You do not need a referral from a professional to make contact with us.  We offer a free 10 minute consultation to take a brief description of the current situation and to ensure a full assessment is indicated and appropriate before proceeding to this step.  
If you wish to arrange a FREE 10 minute telephone consultation please call us on 07340457744.
Initial Assessment

In the first session, we will take a more detailed background to your current life situation and the reasons you are exploring therapy. We will discuss your hopes and expectations from the process and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. For adults, this appointment typically lasts up to 60 minutes but may require a second session.

Assessments for young people and families can last up to 90 minutes.  On occasions there will be two clinicians for this appointment, which allows the option for both guardians and young person, to have separate time.  It is important that guardians are present for at least some of the assessment, however the young person is also offered the option of having some individual time.  Please read about confidentiality below.   

As part of the assessment process for young people, we send some screening questionnaires to be completed prior to the assessment. 

Eating disorder specific assessments - Dr Claire Brown offers psychological assessments for eating disorders.  These assessments can last up to 2 hours and should a diagnosis be made and it is deemed appropriate, psychological treatment can be started immediately.  


The Next Steps
Following assessment, if you feel comfortable and we agree that we are the correct professionals to support you, we can proceed and book in further sessions.  Sessions can be booked on an individual basis or block bookings of six sessions are offered at a reduced rate.  
If however, we do not feel that we are the most appropriate service to support you, we will discuss other options and where possible, signpost you on.  

Confidentiality and Honesty

We understand and respect the need for privacy when discussing sensitive matters, however one of our main concerns is ensuring the safety of our clients.  In the rare circumstance that your therapist is concerned that either you are harming yourself, harming someone else or are at risk of being harmed by others, they will need to share their concerns with the most appropriate person. Whenever possible, this will be discussed with you first.
We ask all clients to provide emergency contact information for a next of kin, should any emergencies arise during a session. All therapists follow the code of ethics of their professional registering bodies and receive supervision for their practice. All data and records are held confidentially and in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

To be treated with respect, understanding and receive guidance

We offer a non-judgmental and respectful environment where our primary goal is to see the resolution of your concerns. You can look forward to an honest approach to guidance that is objective and impartial. We will always take into account your specific, personal situation before providing you with any direction and guidance.

Late cancellation (link to our Fee's)

We understand that sometimes things do not always go as planned and it may result in your needing to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment we ask that you provide us with at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise a 50% cancellation session fee will apply.  Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or if no notice is received, will be charged at the full amount.

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