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Wellbeing Workshops

The aim of our workshops is to inform, advise and help understand why mental issues arise, how to spot warning signs and 

how to take positive steps towards dealing with the problems, and who to turn to for help and support.

Workshops would be useful for parents, carers or teachers who know or suspect a problem exists with someone in their care, and, may be held in schools or similar community locations.


We will post workshop subjects, locations, dates and prices on this website when available. 

For Schools
We are excited to be able to offer bespoke workshops to provide education on some of the emotional challenges facing young people today, for example, on understanding self-harm.  These workshops can be targeted specifically at school staff, focusing on how to support young people within the school environment.  

Alternatively, we are able to offer workshops aimed at parents/caregivers, helping them learn strategies to emotionally support their young people at home.  If you would like to be able to offer this service to the families of your young people, we would ask that you provide us with a room and we will request a small fee from the families in order to attend.  

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these possibilities with you in more detail.  If you work within a school located in South Bucks or Berkshire and would be interested in discussing this further, please contact us from our contact page here.

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