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Self Help Resources /Articles

Resources to support your consultations

Below are links and lists of resources for Mental Health Issues - Autism - Self Harm - Anxiety - Abuse - Trauma - Bereavement - Behavioural Problems. 
Websites - click the link
  1. NHS Mood Zone - 

  2. Child Mind Institute -
    a very useful website which includes a symptom checker and helpful articles on a range of mental health problems and ways to help.

  3. Young Minds -

  4. Childline -

  5. NSPCC -

  6. BEAT Eating Disorders -

  7. Webster Stratton Incredible Years Parenting - 

  8. ADHD Foundation -

  9. Autism Berkshire -

  10. - We recently created an extensive FREE guide that highlights the importance of a good night's rest for mental health and performance in students.

  11. For Autism and ADHD assessments for families living within Berkshire, we highly recommend our colleagues at Berkshire Psychology - 

Self help and Apps

Molehill Mountain – For help with anxiety associated with autism

Calm Harm – For help with managing feelings to self harm

Headspace - Mindfulness

Smiling Minds - Mindfulness

Mind Shift – Useful for anxiety

Professional Registering Bodies:

British Psychological Society  –

UK Council of Psychotherapy -

Nursing and Midwifery Council - 

Health and Care Professions Council -

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