How we help you improve your mental health

I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Going back to how I started off I had no clue how  I was going to make it. You weren't like any other counsellor I've seen.  Thank you for being you.

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Mental health treatments, help and support for - Phobias and Fears - Stress - Anxiety & panic - Depression and low mood - Obsessive-compulsive disorder - Disordered eating - Low self-esteem or self-confidence - Body image issues - Self-harm - Behavioral problems - Childhood trauma - Anger issues - Bereavement 

The result of Stress can not be underestimated...

At a seminar discussing stress, a young lady confidently walked around the room holding a glass of water. Of course, the expectation of the audience was that she was going to ask the "half full or half empty" question. Instead, she asked, "How heavy would you say this glass is". The audience called out answers ranging from 8 to 20 ozs.


Her answer was "The absolute weight does not matter, it depends how long I hold it.  If I hold it for a minute it's not an issue. If I hold it for an hour my arm will ache. If I hold it for a day I'll need medical attention. The longer I hold it the heavier it becomes."


It's the same with stress. If we carry our burdens and problems around with us all the time, sooner or later the burdens become increasingly heavy, making life difficult and perhaps impossible to carry on.


As with the glass of water, you have to put it down and rest before holding it again, with the burdens of everyday life we have to take a break and re-evaluate to refresh. When we are refreshed we can carry on with the burden - holding and dealing with stress longer and better each time with help and practice.


We can help you feel refreshed and better able to carry your burdens. Contact Us

Talking Therapy for Children, Adolescents, Families and Adults


Swift have extensive experience in providing a wide range of psychological treatments in pursuit of mental wellness.  While many problems are shared by many people, individuals react to these problems in different ways; so treatments are determined after an assessment and discussion with each individual. 


Talking therapies involve speaking to a trained therapist either on a one-to-one basis or with family members.  Our approach is to enable people to make helpful changes in their lives.  Regardless of the problem, our aim is to help you understand it, work with you on developing ways to manage and overcome it and give you the skills and strategies needed to deal confidently with issues into the future. 


We recognise that some people can find it hard to talk about their difficulties; we are therefore able to work in more creative, flexible ways (using art materials and worksheets) if this is more comfortable.  


Sessions last for approximately 50 minutes and usually occur on a weekly basis at the same time each week.  

Talking therapy can help with a range of emotional and mental wellness difficulties, such as:

  • Phobias and Fears

  • Anxiety and panic about education, work, family

  • Depression and low mood

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Disordered eating

  • Low self-esteem or self confidence, media bullying

  • Body image issues

  • Self-harm

  • Behavioral problems

  • Childhood trauma​

  • Anger issues

  • Bereavement




The differences between some mental health professions can be confusing; it is important to understand that we are not psychiatrists and therefore unable to prescribe medications to help with your problems.  A psychiatrist completes general medical training before specialising in psychiatry whereas psychologists and psychotherapists do not receive medical training.  We do however have knowledge of when medication may be indicated as beneficial within mental health.  If we feel that medication may help your symptoms in addition to talking therapy, we can direct you either to your GP or local CAMHS services; there are also local private psychiatrists who may be able to help.  



Consultation and Supervision

  • We are happy to consult with schools or other agencies that are involved in supporting our clients, additional fees may apply.  

  • We offer clinical supervision to other professionals – please contact us for more information

  • For trainee counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who need to be in their own personal therapy, we are happy to offer individual therapy at a reduced rate of £60 per hour.